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Michael  Zager

Michael Zager

Partner, Z Wealth Solutions

A recognized industry expert, Michael Zager brings over two decades of experience and insight to Z Wealth Solutions, the boutique financial services firm he co-founded. “I really embraced running a business from the start,” says Michael about the only career he has known. “I feel blessed to do what I love - and at this point in my life my reward is seeing my clients reach their goals,” he adds.

Originally from South Florida, Michael earned a degree in Finance at Boston University in 1991. Upon graduating, he looked to an older cousin and mentor for career advice, who suggested Michael explore the world of insurance.

Michael likes to describe his work as “making sure that my clients are protected from the unforeseen and the foreseen.” Depending on the situation, this may range from implementing complex succession or estate planning strategies, to simpler solutions.

His clients are high net worth individuals including athletes, business owners, highly-compensated financial executives, as well as physicians, attorneys and other professionals. “Regardless of the situation, my goal is to give people solutions that allow for better use of their capital, so that they are then free to do what they do best,” says Michael about his approach.

In addition to being passionate about his work, Michael is passionate about giving back. He has established a scholarship at the University School of Nova Southeastern University, a private preparatory school he attended. He is also a strong supporter of the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and of the United Way. Michael is a trustee of Nova Southeastern University, and the past Board Chair of the University School.

He resides in Weston, Florida with his wife, Lainie, and their three sons.